✈️✈️From Flight Attendant to a Beauty and Massage Therapist??‍♀️

? This is Siann. If you ever meet Siann, I believe you will feel a very bubbly vibe straight away from her giggles and the way she talks! Siann is a beautiful lady with the most welcome smile that I have ever seen. I personally think she was born for the job of Flight Attendant where they need to stay smiley, positive, and energetic to deal with busy uncertain schedule and to help travellers enjoy their trip. Who doesn’t love a flight attendant who really makes their trip more pleasant?! ❤️

? No doubt it must be a shock for everyone working in this industry when everything suddenly got bad and worse and worse, when COVID-19 hit. Siann wasn’t an exception. Like everyone else, her world was shaken with an uncertain future. She was so worried about the career that she has spent so many years to build up. What is she gonna do next? In the end, Siann has proven that she has an attitude that I have to admire! Siann came to me saying she wanted to take some of my massage courses. She ended up taking almost all of my courses, and she was super serious in learning everything! It wasn’t just a hobby or something to muck around to Siann. She worked hard. She asked questions. She spent hours and hours on practicing, over and over again. I love teaching Siann and she said she loved ‘hanging out’ with me! No matter how long she’s been working all day, Siann can still joke and make us laugh at the end of the day. I think that is how the flight attendant job has trained her – to hold on to a positive attitude and the ability to make everyone around happy.

? I have heard from somewhere that when life gives you a twist, whether you see it as a challenge or an opportunity won’t change the twist, but it will change your life. From what I see in Siann, her life twist has turned into a big opportunity for her to find out even more about her potential, and she made sweet harvest. Siann has been so successful with her home business – providing massage therapy services. Now she’s extending her services with beauty therapy. Siann has just completed an Advanced Facial course at Le Spa Academy, and she never stops learning.

❤️ I don’t know when Siann can fly again, but I know if you ever visits her home spa, you will feel like you are flying under her hands! So make sure you try it to feel it yourself! Be Siann’s guest!!

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