Le Signature Four Hand Massage Package

four hand massage

What is a Four-Hands massage at Le Spa Massage Academy?

Four hand massage involves two therapists working together simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage. Massage therapists mirror each other, with one taking the lead while the other follows. It can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time.

Four hand massage means a unique treat for the senses. It feels different to each customer. Imagine all the expert techniques applied by masseuses mirrored and synchronized perfectly, not only by four hands, but by two bodies. All of this delivered deliciously in body to body contact with the skin. 

Why get a Four-Hands Massage?

This is powerful for those who struggle to let go during a session. At first one might try to keep track of the therapists, struggling to monitor the movements all in a logical order. But the mind very quickly realises that is impossible and gives up this control. Therefore, a four-handed massage is especially recommended for those suffering continuous stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Receiving this integral massage will make it impossible not to forget all problems. The level of interaction creates higher temperature, helping the body to reach the most erotic sensory experience one have ever experienced.

At Le Spa Massage Academy, our four-hand session includes whole body massage, face massage and foot reflexology, combining Western manual soft tissue techniques and Eastern Qi lines that restore the body harmonious balance.

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