Lower Cross Syndrome

What Is Lower Cross Syndrome?

If pain in the lower back and hips is slowing one down, perhaps he/she is suffering from Lower Crossed Syndrome (LCS). Lower crossed syndrome is a postural imbalance of the muscles of lower back, pelvis, and hip joints, caused by prolonged sitting and could be exacerbated by poor postures.

In a sitting position, some muscles are stuck in a shortened position while other muscles are stuck in a lengthened position, becoming weak or inhibited. Even the case of athletes can meet trouble with the lower back due to incorrect exercises over time or overwork in certain areas of their body.

The Symptoms Of Lower Cross Syndrome?

Symptoms of lower cross syndrome could be lower back stiffness, lower back pain or arched back, flexed hips, pain in hip or pelvic joints, or pain in spine, buttock muscles, hip flexors or groin. People with lower cross syndrome might have reduced mobility of the hip, pelvis or lumbar region. They might have increased tension / stiffness in the lower back and / or buttock muscles, often shown with a protruding tummy.

What Are Common Causes Of Lower Cross Syndrome?

Common causes include prolonged sitting, wearing of high-heeled shoes over, pregnancy, or the classic ‘beer gut’ posture. Other causes could be incorrect posture in performing daily tasks, improper training, one-sided stress and too high tension in the lumbar area, and also general poor physical conditions.

Which Treatments Are Recommended To Reduce Lower Cross Syndrome?

Treating LCS is a two-stage process.  First, loosening up the tight iliopsoas and erector spinae muscles using manual or soft tissue therapies such as massage, cupping or stretching. And to truly resolve the problems, the abdominals and gluteals muscles must be strengthened by exercising recommended by a physical therapist.

Exercises For Lower Cross Syndrome

Some exercises can improve lower cross syndrome such as hip flexor stretch, lower back cat, arm/leg extension, and bridges.


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