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Thai Traditional Massage is a dry massage which combines acupressure and passive stretching techniques to harmonise the body, loosen blockage and improve flexibility. Far beyond pampering or relaxation, this treatment will truly reawaken the body’s energy flow. 

Thai massage originated over 2,500 years ago as part of the ancient healing traditions of Ayurved.  It is firmly embedded in the Buddhist philosophy and is practised and taught in Buddhist temples. It was embraced in Thailand following the spread of Buddhism throughout Southeast Asia. Thai massage views illness as the result of imbalances between mind, body and spirit.  It aims to rectify and balance any disharmony by working on the flow of life energy known as “prana”. Like ki, prana circulates around the body through channels called “sen”; there are 10 main channels.


  • Reduces muscle tension and spasms: Thai massage targets specific areas with applied pressure to release tension and allow muscles to be effectively manipulated.
  • Improve joint mobility: Yoga-style manipulation releases tension in the joints, increasing mobility and enhancing the range of movement.  Thai massage effectively increases joint mobility and range of movement, particularly after a series of treatments. Reduction in joint pain and an increase in suppleness with enhanced flexibility can be gained from Thai massage therapy.
  • Improve blood circulation: The rigorous of Thai massage and its multifaceted method incorporating touch, muscular and skeletal manipulation, and acupressure effectively boosts the circulation via a series of techniques.
  • Balance and increase energy: Thai massage works along the energy meridians of the body.
  • Promote better health and well-being: Massage, acupressure and stretching all work in combination to release tension and alleviate pain.  Thai massage combines a multitude of techniques that target the underlying dysfunction contributing to symptoms of pain in a holistic and highly effective manner.  Thai massage reduces stress and enhances a sense of overall well-being.


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