Just one little step but changed my whole life!


I am sure you have heard of the saying “Do what you love and love what you do“.


Well, this story will probably suggest you a way to do that important step. This story has inspired me as a massage therapy educator. And I believe it will inspire you too. …
Three years ago, Anna Ho came to Australia with her husband. Anna was working for a foreign company and has been in a happy relationship with her husband for many years. However, she still found it hard to settle and adapt to the new life in a total new country with all the so-called cultural and language barriers. Anna has spent her whole life working as an architect back in her own country. Anna husband has a mutual friend with me who introduced us to each other as we were from the same country. We immediately made great friends after we met. As we got to know each other more, and knowing that I’m a trainer teaching all these different massage and beauty courses, Anna decided to give my massage course a go and wanted to know how she’d go with it. It turned out, she did an amazing job at the training and surprised herself that she could be able to do it. And adding to her amusement, I offer her a job to work as a massage therapist in my clinic while studying a diploma in massage therapy. Out of my surprise, Anna picked up very fast what I taught her. After the English course, she became more confident to communicate with customers. She finished a basic course in massage and many hours of practice, and found out she fell in love with the career that she wanted to learn further with a remedial massage course. Anna has very good energy. She understands how to transfer that energy into her hands. She quickly learned the theory of Eastern acupuncture and how to apply that in remedial massage. She is sensible enough to feel customers’ “knots” and can untie those knots with her special techniques. Under my training and guidance, Anna quickly became one of the clinic’s favourite therapists. My customers started requesting for her when they came for massage. Anna is now working at my clinic and earning good income. She doesn’t stop educating herself by doing lots of practice, and she keeps on studying by taking further courses in massage and beauty therapy and human health. Her family in Vietnam is very glad to see her so happy. They also change their mind about massage therapy job, not to mention that Anna’s job at has partially financially supported her family in Vietnam, especially through the pandemic time.

Having witnessed Anna’s journey from the very start, I feel so honoured that I have been a small part of her success to this day. The main part is always (of course) hers – her curiosity, her willingness to change, and her positive energy and mindset towards learning new things. I am very pleased for Anna, and I definitely have faith in her that she would go very far and no doubt she will be very successful with this career. Anna usually jokes with me that it was “one little step that changed her whole life“. While I think any big life change always starts with a small step, and you will never know if you never try.
If it is only just a small step for a bigger change, would you also take it like Anna did? Whether you have had a plan for it, or just out of your curiosity, I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, show you everything I know. I’d like to see more of these successful stories like Anna’s. Start your little step today. It can be something BIG tomorrow!

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