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Lymphatic Massage is commonly referred as Lymphatic Drainage. This involves a gentle rhythmic massage treatment and movement of the hands which pushes fluid towards the lymph nodes. Once fluid reaches the nodes, it can be transported elsewhere in the body, using the lymphatic drainage system.  This can assist the body’s natural ability to remove any build-up of toxins. 

How do lymphatic drainage massages actually work?

Said to help the lymphatic system do its job, lymphatic drainage massage allegedly helps to speed up

the removal of waste and toxins from the body. 

Pressure-wise, it’s much lower in intensity and follows a particular stroke pattern to generate its results, with the first stroke being done to stretch the skin, while the second, more directional stroke is performed to send lymphatic fluid towards the nearby lymph nodes.

While most people are eligible for lymphatic drainage massage, those who experience any of the following are generally advised to avoid it and speak to a doctor first:

  • An infection or inflammation in the swollen area
  • A blood clot
  • Heart problems
  • Cancer in the area


60 minutes90 minutes
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