Tara Stevens – Our Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Tara is our sun-kissed Aussie Massage Therapist, naturally gifted with a great ability to connect with individuals. She was hand-picked for the team upon successfully completing thorough training at Le Spa Massage Academy.


Massage and self care treatments are incredibly beneficial in this day and age for both physical and mental wellbeing and you can see the difference in people you work with.


Your personalised body massage and Le Signature treatments are given with enthusiasm and a smile. You are in for a treat with her skilled and capable touch, honed from years of her favourite hands-on outdoor hobbies, 4WDING, motorbike riding, water sports and practising massage – Tara’s passion is helping you feel rejuvenated to live your best life!


Client Review

A recent recommendation from a regular client and paraplegic NDIS participant – “I’m a 52 year old male Paralympian who has used professional massage for the last 35 years. Tara provides one of the most interactive experiences that I have found so far. Her massage skills are second to none and her understanding of the body goes far beyond her years. We have built a close friendship and respect for each other and I value her in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.”


Le Spa Massage is proud to introduce Tara in our team. Book your first Treatment today and get 20% OFF (discounted price from $88) with Tara to see how she can assist you to become knots free.

Le Spa Massage Milton, Brisbane

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