Love Got Me Here


The “student” in this picture is a Brisbane well-known plastic surgeon!
He attended to obtain a two-day whole body massage course certificate. He appeared as such a humble man in simple outfits and happily enjoyed a bowl of instant noodle during a short lunch break just like everyone else.
Thus, I thought he wanted to become a qualified therapist to open his own spa, just like most of my students ????. However, when we reached the practical part, I noticed he learned so fast and could do all the massage techniques accurately at first try! Being so surprised, I asked him: ” Why are you so good? what do you do for a living? “ And he answered me:  ” I’m a plastic surgery specialist”. I was even more surprised hearing that. What is a plastic surgery specialist doing in my class? Driving his fancy car to my spa learning to massage to change his career to beauty therapy? I don’t think so ????
So I asked him:  “So why do you want to obtain a massage therapy qualification? Is it for your clients?”
And he said: “Oh nah, i want to learn massage so then i can massage my love”
I was in awe! Oh my God. Does this man have a brother? Just kidding ????
Ladies, if you have a fantasy of “90 minutes in heaven” ????, buy your man a massage course at Le Spa Academy! You are welcome to join the class as the model for your man to practise too. AMAZING DUET from the beginning! ????

Gentlemen, if you have ran out of ideas for this Valentine’s Day and don’t know what to get for your love- who seems to “already have everything”: SURPRISE THEM with my unique massage techniques and see where it gets you ????


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