5 Differences Between Remedial Massage & Deep Tissue

5 Main Differences – Remedial Massage vs. Deep Tissue

  1. Deep tissue massage is a whole-body treatment, while remedial massage is a targeted rehabilitation that identifies and treats specific conditions in the body
  2. Deep tissue can be used for both physical and psychological relaxation, whilst remedial is medically motivated
  3. Deep tissue massage requires constant firm pressure, while remedial massage can vary depending on what best for treating the specific issue
  4. Deep tissue massage can be a one-off treatment, while remedial massage is often done over a series of treatment sessions.
    • The remedial therapist is constantly assessing whether there is any improvement or deterioration done during the remedial massage
  5. Remedial is a diploma qualification which can take up to 2 years of full-time study to achieve the knowledge of anatomy and many specific conditions. The client can claim their treatment through the HICAPS private insurance, while the deep tissue may not qualify.
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