Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Video demonstration of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage


On daily basis, our back suffers great pressure from our postures and routines. Days after days, you may experience aches and pains that only increase. When such problems persist, it impacts your life and every activity in it.

The art of massage has been proven to relieve pains. There is a whole range of massage techniques and most rely on the hands to provide the massage, but there is a different technique that uses the feet and the therapist’s controlled weight for the treatment. This technique is called Ashiatsu massage.

In Japanese language, “Ashi” means foot, and “Atsu” means pressure. Ashiatsu massage is a barefoot massage technique that requires the therapist to use their feet instead of their hands to perform the massage. A therapist will have the client laid face down on a massage table. The therapist can use ropes, bars, stools or benches to balance himself or herself above the client. Then the therapist uses his feet to give strokes across the client’s body. The gravity and pressure allow the therapist to provide deep, long strokes over the body. Oils, creams or lotions will often be applied to the client’s body prior to the Ashiatsu massage technique to further release the tension in muscles and to provide a more satisfying experience.


Originated from Japan, this massage technique has been used thousands of years ago across Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim cultures. It is very common that many people from those countries can even massage each other using this technique.


Ashiatsu massage is a barefoot massage technique in which a therapist can apply deep, broad, consistent pressure on the customer’s back. Since the therapist’s foot is broader than the hand, it provides wider strokes without causing enduring pain. In addition, this deep tissue technique can help improve blood circulation while relieving stress and aches that can cause muscle spasms.

Another area of the body that benefits from Ashiatsu massage is the lumbar region, especially the nerves in this area. The nerves along the lumbar region can gain more space when the foot pressure opens up and elongates the spinal region. Lastly, Ashiatsu massage allows the client’s body to have a free range of motion and better posture with more relaxed muscles.

In short, there are 4 benefits that you will get from Ashiatsu massage:

  1. Stress reduction:

Ashiatsu massage gives you a deep state of relaxation that promotes health and wellness.

  1. Pain relief:

Deep tissue massage technique like Ashiatsu relieves muscle tension by looesening tight muscles and improves blood circulation to help with chronic pains.

  1. Deep tissure without discomfort:

Ashiatsu massage technique gives you less discomfort than traditional deep tissue massage with up to three times more pressure, so three times more effective.

  1. Result lasts longer:

Ashiatsu works deeper and further without breaking blood vessels thanks to the broad compression. As a result, the effects last longer.

Deep Tissue Without Discomfort

Alternative to discomfort that accompanies with pointy elbows and thumbs, Ashiatsu barefoot massage is the treatment to go for. Utilizing gravity enables Ashiatsu therapists to deliver up to three times deeper pressure than traditional treatments. Applying the broad surface of the foot allows consistent pressure which contours nicely to the body. As a result, the same extra range of movement can be applied and chronic tension is relieved without enduring painful strokes.

Deeper Compression With Deep Result

As pressure is applied more broadly and more forcefully that aids in the movements of the feet along the para spinals and the lumbar region. This will in turn relieve muscle spasms and open the intervertebral foramen where spinal nerves pass through. This will expand more space for the nerves as well as improving fresh oxygenated blood circulation to the area being treated.

Elongates Muscles and Detoxifies

Many similar Swedish styles with deep compression effleurage & long flowing movements that glide over the body to elongate the spine, stretch shortened muscles. These long fluid effleurage strokes also benefit in flushing the body’s lymphatic system and releases metabolic waste at a higher rate.

Longer Result With Deeper Pressure

Ashiatsu works further into the fascia in a slower and more forceful manner without breaking blood vessels because of broad compression. Also, it throws myofascial stretching into the mix. As a result, effects last longer and clients do not experience the pain as when having traditional or deep tissue massages.


 Because of added weight and pressure used in this deep tissue barefoot technique, you may want to consider if you belong to one of these groups: Pregnant women or women who are trying to conceive, people with high blood pressure, advanced diabetes, kidney or liver conditions, or people have recently had surgery. If you think you have those conditions, speak with a therapist before obtaining the treatment.

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Why get an Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage?

This massage is especially for those who never feel enough pressure with regular massage. Ashiatsu offers a unique experience as the therapist stands straight up, combining gravity, and swiftly coordinating the thigh, knee, and leg to work up the lumbar and the erectors, that can feel like a beautiful six-hand massage. 

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