Upcoming Online Massage Courses

• Wanting to learn new online massage course during lock-down period?

• Interested in learning massage for a long time but never had the chance to participate?

• Looking at having an alternative job perspective in this down time?

• Or just simple wanting to master massage skills to show off to your loved ones at home during quarantine?

Well, doesn’t matter which category your mind has fallen into. We’ve got your back!

In response to the outbreak of COVID19, Le Spa Massage Academy is putting effort in bringing a number of new online massage courses to you all. These courses offer wide range of massage therapy knowledge as well as practical skills throughout the learning hours, just as much as how our face-to-face courses do. Additionally, an online massage class can be completed at anytime and anywhere around your home in your own time.

So stay tuned to be updated on our new online massage classes. We’ll be very thrilled to announce this shortly. Looking forward to talking again soon 😊

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