• Relieve muscle tension and pains

As heat has been using for relax muscle to ease muscle tension and pain. Also the hot stone therapy can be incorporated into many types of massage, for example remedial massage, deep tissue massage, etc… Therefore the massage therapist use hot stone to assist while working through muscle in order to relive tightness, aches and pains. Besides that hot stone therapy can increase blood flow in the affected area. Which can help to reduce muscle spasms and develop flexibility also range of motion

  • Improve circulation

The heat from the stone can improve circulation in the body, especially combine with massage it can benefit even more. The benefit of improving circulation is that it will penetrates the muscle and open the blood vessel. Then the circulation can be improved as the oxygen can reach your muscle, develop functionality.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

At the warm stone stay in your body, you can relax both state of relaxation – physically and mentally. The light pressure from the warm stone can be soothing, its feel like the warm hug in a safe place.
Also the hot stone can improve your sleep and the quality of sleep as you feel relaxed, less tense. Which mean you can have a far more restful sleep, more energized

  • Boosts immunity

The hot stone therapy combine with massage is showed that could increase lymphocytes. Which help white blood cells fight infection in your body. This combination can enhance the effectiveness of boosting your infection-fighting cells

Furthermore, hot stone therapy can help ease painful conditions associated with fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases. 

  • Healing the energy

The benefit of hot stone is not only physical but also mental health. The hot stone is believed that can healing energy when placing on meridian line – energy points of the body. As the muscle is comfort and energy is recovered that can enhancing your body’ natural healing.

  • To conclude, Hot stone therapy is an excellent way to increase your massage performance. The deeper relaxing of your muscles helps your massage therapist to concentrate deeply on your pain and emotion.
  • And the pleasure you experience in your body with a hot stone massage will also allow your mind to relax. When you relax with hot stones during your massage, stress and anxiety are forgotten easily.

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