Reasons Why Remedial Massage Therapists Should Study Myofascial Cupping

Top reasons Why Remedial Massage Therapists Should Study Myofascial Cupping Maximise the benefits of treatment The remedial massage can combine the myofascial cupping, which relieve pain in muscles. The myofascial cupping assist with discomfort in musculoskeletal problems and it focuses on the fascia like soft tissue component of the connective tissues that cover the entire […]

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Road map to Easing Restrictions Queensland - Le Spa Massage

Queensland Road map to Easing Restrictions

Based on the Road map to Easing Restrictions, which shows that the massage therapist will be capable to re-open in STAGE 2 (12 JUNE 2020) associate with COVID SAFE CHECKLIST with 20 people permitted at any one time. Also, the number of people will increase up to 100 clients at a time in STAGE 3 […]

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Remedial Massage At Le Spa Massage Academy

Why Pain After A Deep Tissue Massage Is A Good Thing?

A deep tissue massage is firmer than a relaxation massage, aiming to reach the deeper muscle layers and tissues to release tension. However, some people could wonder about the reason why they experience some pain or sickness after a massage. Tired muscles grab on to other muscles around them for support. Over time, they glue […]

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Traditional Whole Body Thai Massage Course Le Spa Massage Academy

5 Reasons Why Remedial Massage Therapist Should Study Thai Massage

What counts as a good massage therapist? Someone who understands customers’ needs and offers best services to fulfill their desires? Or someone who always seeks to extend customer experiences by seeking new skills and knowledge? Whichever applicable in one’s situation. Constantly learning and improving massage therapy skills and knowledge are essential. Let’s look at some […]

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New Massage Career

10 Reason To Start A Career As A Massage Therapist

Quick job opportunities Whether you are looking to start a new career and a clear direction, consider massage therapy as an affordable way to chart a new life course. Without spending 3 to 4 years of studying that may not guarantee employment after graduation, an over-the-weekend course can provide training that prepares students for the […]

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Facial Massage Treatment At Le Spa Massage Academy

10 Reason To Get A Massage

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy massage benefits. A simple massage therapy benefits not just physically but also mentally. Relieve pains such as joint pain, neck pain and back pain. An overworked body aches all over. Massage therapy increases blood circulation and eases muscles and nerves, and this, in turn, helps relieve mild to […]

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Remedial Massage For Health Care Worker

50% OFF Remedial Massage To All Health Care Workers

During Covid-19 time, we would like to show our appreciation to Health Care workers. Le Spa Massage Academy will offer 50% OFF for the First Remedial Massage to all Health Care workers. Let us help to take away your muscles ache, pain and melt those stress away. Send us a message or simple contact us […]

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Upcoming Online Massage Courses

• Wanting to learn new online massage course during lock-down period? • Interested in learning massage for a long time but never had the chance to participate? • Looking at having an alternative job perspective in this down time? • Or just simple wanting to master massage skills to show off to your loved ones at home during quarantine? […]

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Massage and Beauty Package At Le Spa Massage Academy

10 Essential things to be prepared for massage practice

1. Massage table Recommended measurements for massage table: Can be lowered to 500mm from the ground 640 mm to 800 mm in height 600 mm to 700 mm in width 1850 mm in length 335 mm addition of a face cradle making enough to accommodate taller client Approximately 12-18kg in weight 2. Massage lubricant Base […]

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Types Of Massage

There are more over 150 types of massage therapy and also many different approaches and application to massage and body work that all involve the application of various techniques to stimulate the muscular structure and soft tissue of the body. Remedial Massage Remedial massage therapy is assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions that cause […]

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