Tips to get your skin healthy

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  • Stress Management

Stress have adverse effect to your health as well as your skin. Stress stimulates the development of hormones in the body that make the skin oily. It also inhibits the ability of the body to defend off bacteria that cause acne. So that’s why stress management is essential to maintain your skin healthy

  • Eat Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can improve your health and skin condition. Diet will help to reduce the effects of acne and improve the appearance of your skin. Essentially, this involves eating more wholegrains and legumes, and reducing or cutting down refined foods. The knock-on result is that your entire wellbeing is going to gain, not just your skin.

Staying hydrated is also important to your skin’s health. Water helps to clear toxins that trigger blemishes. It also helps you transport oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Essentially, water avoids inflammation, which can lead to an aged skin appearance.

  • Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for healthy skin. During sleep, the skin’s blood supply improves and the organ rebuilds the collagen and restores the damage sustained by UV penetration, reducing wrinkles and age spots.

  • Exercise

When you exercise, you improve blood circulation in the body, which contributes to oxygen and nutrients being transferred to the skin cells. Exercise helps you to enhance the health of the heart, lungs, and skin at the same time! Make sure to wash your face properly after exercising, so you don’t let the sweat stay on your skin.

  • Get your facial

Facial Treatment can help you reduce wrinkle and slow down the aging process. The holistic facial treatment ultimately refresh and rejuvenate facial components. The treatment focuses on the deep cleansing & massage including muscle relaxation, lymphatic drainage, pressure point, acupressure, wellness and purify, stress-relief to rejuvenate on a physical, mental and emotional level. Also, hand, arm and scalp massage are included in therapy to indulge on your senses . Especially, Lymphatic Drainage massage is beneficial by applying light pressure follow lymph node to reduce swelling, visible puffiness, treat acne, dryness, dullness and also skin sensitivity.

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