Meet Lynn Tan– Our Remedial Massage Therapist

Meet our amazing massage therapist Lynn Tan , Lynn is a Q Academy graduate with an interest in body mechanics to help people move better. She blends empathy, science and her understanding of the human anatomy in each of her remedial massage treatments, because the truth is, no “body” is the same. Having taught pilates before venturing into remedial massage, she specialises in improving mobility to restore client’s ability to move pain free again. Alongside remedial techniques, she also complements the treatment with cupping therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises and joint mobilisation

We are so proud to introduce Lynn in our Le Spa Massage Academy. Together with our team, we ensure that our clients are satisfied and happy among our treatment. Let’s visit our clinic in Milton, where Lynn and her teams will be cheerful to welcome you.

Le Spa Massage Milton, Brisbane

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